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Our friendly pest control experts take the time to listen to and discuss your needs. And they are happy to explain anything you want to know about. If you want reliable professionals who achieve results, choose us!

12-Month Warranty

At Integrity Pest Control Bowen we offer a 12-month warranty on our General Pest Treatment to give you peace of mind.

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Our Residential & Commercial Services

We offer the following residential and commercial pest control services across the Bowen, Coalfields and Whitsunday regions.

Termites & Timber Pest Inspections

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termite inspection and report

Integrity Pest Control Bowen uses specialized tools to check for any signs of termite presence. These tools include radar and thermal imaging technologies.

After completing our inspection, we send you a comprehensive report and, if deemed necessary, a proposed plan for dealing with the termites we found.

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pre-purchase timber pest inspection

Our services include pre-purchase timber pest inspections in and around Bowen. Discover problems linked to timber, such as termites, wood borers, and moisture destruction, which might entail significant expenses for fixing.

Stay proactive and safeguard your potential property from potential forthcoming risks through a pre-purchase assessment.

Pest Control Treatments

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General Pest Treatments

Reduce germs and help keep your home bug-free with our general pest control treatment.

This service treats and protects your home from cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and spiders.

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Spiders rank among the most common pest concerns.

If you’re grappling with a spider issue at home, our General Pest Treatment is the solution you need.



Cockroaches are a constant reality in Bowen.

Eradicate those troublesome cockroaches by opting for Integrity’s comprehensive General Pest Treatment.

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Silverfish are likely one of the most pesky pests you can encounter.

Liberate your home from these unwanted silverfish intruders with our effective General Pest Control Treatment.

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Our ant pest control treatment is crafted to eliminate the entire ant colonies through a combination of targeted baiting and residual barrier treatments.

It’s included in a general pest treatment or can be booked as a stand-alone external ant treatment.

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A tick & flea pest control treatment safeguards your pets against these blood-feeding pests.

Our specialized treatment formula permeates the soil, remaining inactive until ticks and fleas hatch, ensuring the safety of your beloved animals.

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Eliminate 80-95% of your mosquito problem, with our potent mosquito treatment.

By applying misting to the boundary of your property, we put a barrier between you and these annoying insects.

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Flies prove annoying & unhygienic.

We remove the favorable environments where flies thrive and also use residual barrier & specialized fly bait to effectively address the specific areas where they breed and feed.

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Our specialised wasp treatment freezes them within just 5 seconds.

They are then unable to sting, and subsequently eradicates all stages within the nest within a span of 30 minutes.

Other Pest Treatments & Services

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Safeguard your home or business from mouse and rat-related issues using rodent baiting.

We provide tamper-proof bait stations, keeping them safe from children and pets.

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Our accredited possum trapping specialist will visit your residence to set up a humane trap designed for possums. Once captured, the possum will be relocated by our technician to an approved location within its natural habitat.

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Cane toads are a common problem in Bowen & its surrounds.

Fortunately, at Integrity Pest Control Bowen, we offer an accessible and humane treatment solution to tackle this issue.


Prices vary based on the size of your property and the type of service you want. But our General Pest Control treatments start at $160.

Yes, our pest control treatments are safe for both pets and people.

Investing in professional pest control services is often worth it, as it brings expertise, effective treatments, and long-term prevention to ensure your living space remains pest-free.

DIY solutions might offer short-term relief, but a professional approach can address the root causes and provide peace of mind against persistent infestations.